If you want to have a look at the sourcecode, or even support the development with patches or similar, you are now on the correct page :).

» Getting the source

Portato's sourcecode is managed with Git (dev-vcs/git) and is hosted on GitHub and on this very server. So you can chose the one you want to clone from:

# either this
git clone git://

# or that
git clone git://

You now should have a subdirectory portato/, which contains the sources. If you want to update it to reflect upstream changes, do:

git pull

Sometimes you need to work on a specific version (for instance if you are translating). Then you need to check out the specific version branch:

# replace '0.13' by the version you need
git checkout -t origin/0.13

For further information have a look at the Git documentation or search the webs. There are plenty of sources and guides out there.

» Making portato run locally

The current dependencies

All of the following needs to be installed:

Preparing the sources

As portato makes use of extension modules and of native language support, you need to run the following commands to get you started:

# compile extensions

# compile language support (optional!)

Running it

If you made sure, that you have done everything noted above, you can use one of the following commands:

# normal startup - will prompt for the root password

# run as current user. saves you entering the root password
# won't allow you to do emerges
./ -F

» Filing a bug

You can do this in the bugtracker.

» Translation / I18N

Portato does know about the so called Native Language Support. It currently supports the following languages: Catalan, English, Italian, German, Polish, Portugese, and Turkish.

If you want to add support for another language, please see the translation howto.

» Documentation

The code itself is documented (sometimes ^^). If you have questions, you can ask them via But at least there is a condensed changelog.

The software itself is not documented in any way. If you like to change this, drop me a mail :). I'd be glad.

» Wiki/Mailing-list/...

Not there (yet?). Are they really necessary?